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Flash Cab Response to petition

Just as a note we have been receiving abusive phone calls at all hours and we have had some terrible emails sent to us.  My wife and I are very distressed as to what has happened in these last few days. We are now starting to fear for our safety as our names were posted directly onto website. We would like this to stop or be changed please.
We are not a faceless corporation, we have always run a smaller happy family orientated business which has helped many hundreds of people with disability's across Australia over the last 22 years.
I would like to think that during that time we have changed a lot in the disability access community for the better. Before Flash Cab there was nothing but a few wheelchair accessible vans in Australia very basic uncomfortable commercial vehicles. It was and has always been our goal to provide something better.
I give you permission to post the above statement and my below statement in its current form to your website, as I was unable to upload to your website previously.

John Cooper
Flash Cab Australia
Coopers Accessible Vehicles P/L
In response to Mr. Andrew Evans
1)  Flash Cab did NOT perform the conversion. They WERE the distributors/middle man for K M Kite ARUNDEL QLD auto body builders.
K M Kite DID perform the conversion in 2005, This is nine years ago from today. Flash Cab is a brand that is that is applied to wheelchair accessible vehicles that meet or exceed our high standards.
Mr. Evans was fully aware that K M Kite ARUNDEL QLD auto body builders performed the conversion, and that he was buying a Flash Cab branded car from us the distributor.
(2) In July 2005, A 2002 secondhand, 3 year old, 53,000km car was provided by Mr. Evans to K M Kite Arundel QLD, for conversion into a Flash Cab Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The history of the vehicle was unknown to us. This could have been exposed to any and all elements prior to modification.
(3) The conversion was completed in September 2005 by K M Kite. The conversion had a clearly DOCUMENTED and well advertised warranty of 12 Months, for which K M Kite was responsible, this starts from date of delivery.
(4) Soon after the Conversion, K M Kite were told the vehicle had sustained some rear ACCIDENT damage as parts were requested directly from the factory. It was unknown to us, as to who repaired the accident damage and to what quality of work was performed, as parts were only provided to a 3rd party. We heard no more on this matter.
(5) Mr. Evans started legal proceedings in September 2011, 6 YEARS AFTER THE SECOND HAND VEHICLE WAS CONVERTED, 5 years past the advertised warranty period of the modification. When the car was then 9 years old.
K M Kite Qld, quite obviously declined a warranty claim, for rust bubbles on the vehicle. Not for the structural integrity falling apart, as Mr. Evans has claimed in your petition.
K M Kite offered to look at the vehicle for Mr. Evans, his attitude from the beginning threatening legal action before the inspection, did not help his cause and it was not performed.
(6) As mentioned Mr. Evans refused to take the car to K M Kite for inspection. As it interfered with his WORK commitments and he had doctors appointment's. Yet Mr. Evans managed to take the vehicle to three other repairers to gain multiple repair quotes during this time. (We have documents confirming this.)
(7) Mr. Evans repair initial quote from a 3rd party repairer was $1,900 and through the course of time it then became approximately $6,400 from the same repairer. (So who ripped of who?)
(8) Qcat (Queensland Civil And Administrative Tribunal) Originally threw this claim out of court in 2011. It was based on a technicality of our business name changing for promotional reasons 3 year after Mr. Evans modification, and 2 years before Mr. Evans even approached us with his complaints.
We are confident that if, this initial case was judged based on the cold hard facts. We would have been deemed not responsible for the problem.
Mr. Evans continued his harassment towards us and our company, through Lawyers and newspaper's stating that we actually changed our name to win his court case. There is plenty of documentation to prove this is not true, and the name change was performed well before he even initially contacted us. It seemed he actively tried to damage our reputation due to him not liking the outcome.
Again I would like to state, if it was judged on the facts we feel it would still have been thrown out, based on the age of the 2nd hand car, and the stated warranty of 12 months only on the conversion.
(9) Around about a year later in September 2012 a letter was sent again addressed to our previous business name, stating that Mr. Evans was appealing the case, Qcat (Queensland Civil And Administrative Tribunal) Were contacted and advised of the inaccuracies with the documents and company name. They responded with a generic response and no further communication was EVER received from them. We thought the matter closed.
(10) Shortly after the 25th of February 2013, we received notice again from Qcat. (Queensland Civil And Administrative Tribunal) That Mr. Evans case had recently been appealed and found in his favor, and that we were ordered to pay the $7,125.66 specified.
What was troublesome about this, was that we were never notified of an appeal or the hearing dates. We were not given an opportunity to have our side of this story heard at ALL.
Because of this both Flash Cab and Builder of the wheelchair modification K M Kite Arundel QLD responsible for the warranty, decided not to pay this ridiculous decision. The conversion was clearly 5 years out of the advertised warranty.  
(11) Of the hundreds of modified cars that are built and branded as Flash Cabs we have never had this problem. We wonder exactly what elements the car has been exposed to over the last 12 years.
Whilst we are sympathetic to Mr. Evans situation we are not willing to set a precedent for paying a repair on a car that was clearly 5 years out of warranty.
(12) We have the documents to back up all of the above statements,
We feel Mr. Evans has exaggerated the extent of the problem has gone out of his way to try and destroy our reputation unfairly from the beginning. As Mr. Evans expects Warranty for life!
As for the supposed shoddy work, there was no chance offered for us to disprove his claims. We would not be in business 22 years if we had done things like this to our customers.
(13) As for the lucrative government subsidies that Mr. Evans talks about in the petition, No such work is performed for QLD government.
On a personal note,
For those who took the time to read this I thank you.
This situation is very distressing to my family. There are always two sides to the story and now you can see what ours is.
We are now in the process of getting legal advice. Any further comments will not be made on this matter
Any future threats to myself or my family will be reported to the authorities immediately.
Thank you
John Cooper


Dear Mr Cooper

I signed Mr Evan's petition without reading this first. You seem to have factual documentation proving a different case to the one stated by Mr Evan's. If that is the case I would never have signed the petition - although I do feel for Mr Evans. has and is used to help people who have no other pathways and I have been proud to be part of that, but the fact that you and your family has been threatened is not acceptable and I hope that the people at vet more thoroughly in future. Lyn

Johannes Zonneveldt Victoria Australia.

First of all, I hope all, that have signed the petition, have read Johns' version of what actually happened.
I have been dealing with John Cooper and his company for six years. I have in that time purchased two brand new vehicles from him, a 2008 Toyota Tarago and 2009 Ford Flashcab. John has always gone out of his way to help me with any problems that may arise. I must say that they were only minor replacement parts anyhow.

I feel that John and his company have been treated very unfairly by Mr Evans. Mr Evans knew that there was a twelve month warranty on the vehicle modification and should not have expected Flashcab to pay for work done six years after purchase on a second hand vehicle.

As it turns out the vehicle was involved in a rear end collision sometime after the conversion, and parts were ordered to repair it, by an unknown repairer. Now if that was my vehicle I would have spoken to John then, and worked in conjunction with him to make sure the repair was done correctly. I know from past experience that John would not have it any other way.

I have worked with disabled people for 25 years and understand Mr Evans has to face, not only with the personal challenges, but also the challenge of running a family. I wish that he realise that Flashcab were not responsible for the problems that arose six years after the purchase of the vehicle, and could have been caused by the shoddy work of someone else after the purchase.
To John,

May I add three words to my original email “ which I believe is $0".  Sorry if my original email caused you any stress of any kind as clearly you have done nothing wrong
Bruce M
From: Trina
Thank you John, I will contact and let them know.
Difficult running a business, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Much Appreciated
Thank you for the email regarding Mr Evans. I am glad you didn't just snob everyone off and ignore it, that would have made the problem worse. I think you have done the right thing by explaining and i thank you.

Magalana C
Hi John,
I greatly appreciate your account of the situation & I agree there's always two sides to the story.
I'm very sorry to hear of you & your families distress & hope it will be dissolved soon.
I'll try to post this on

Hi John,
Thanks for that. Always best not to jump to conclusions until you hear both sides, isn't it?
I'm sorry for the stressful times you are going through.
Thanks for the email.
All the best,
As you say – there are two sides to every story and yours certainly has the ring of truth to it. Good luck.
Ernie B
Thank you for your response and this is why I checked and also this is the danger of these sites. I will endeavour to get this info into the site. Your response seems exceptional and you have been unfairly targeted. They should have sought this from you before posting.

Peter D

Thanks for the explanation. Have you posted this to It may be worthwhile to post to your account.

Ryan and Sarah


Damien Porter

My wife and I bought our first FlashCab Vehicle in August of 2007. It was a lovely little red Mazda Metro 121. It was exactly what we needed as we were expecting our first child.

Before getting to this stage we had approached numerous other companies and no one could help with the needs that we had.

After about 6 months of research and investigating we found Flashcab Australia and they answered all our prayers.

To this very day we have absolutely no regrets in doing business with them and will ALWAYS do business with them.

From the get go Mr John Cooper was nothing but professional and allowed us to have as much input in the car as possible.

We owned our little Mazda for about 2 years but then our family was starting to expand to the point where we needed a bigger vehicle.

From start to finish John was amazing with his guidance, suggestions and willingness to help us in anyway possible.

We ended up purchasing a 2007 Toyota Torago. After around 8 weeks he delivered to us personally our newly modified accessible vehicle. It was everything we could ever have asked for and much much more!!

We will forever be in John's debt for the amount of help & support he gave us.

The Porter Family - Adelaide


Hi my name is Dale Gavlik i am a c5 quadriplegic and i brought a car off flash cabs back in 2013 and they were brilliant, I found they had grate customer care for example i was going to buy a second hand ford falcon station wagon and have it modified witch would have cost me around $50000 witch was fine but as I spoke to John who suggested I buy a car they had all ready modified as it would be almost half the price.
I live in Toodyay in Western Australia and even though they are in Adelaide in south Australia i was able to still get a grate car. recently the torsion bar on the back door snapped i called up John and with in a week it was delivered. with out this car I would not be able to go any were as there are no wheelchair taxis were i live
All in all flash cabs is a grate company with great workman ship, customer service and after service care and I am extremely happy with my car.

Dale Gavlik


Hi John,
Thank you for volunteering your assistance in helping me to find a buyer for my recently purchased Toyota Porte.
I'm not surprised by your gesture as I have always found you to be honest & up front in our previous dealings, & ever willing to offer extra quality service.

Kind regards,