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Vehicles are built to a very high standard of safety with steel construction featuring a steel frame surrounding the passenger cell in the rear and fully compliant occupant restraint systems that have been crash tested to ensure your safety.The structural integrity of the passenger cell is higher than that of the rear compartment in the standard car.In a recent high speed rollover accident the passenger cell was virtually unscathed testifying to the strength built into the vehicle for your safety.

Australian Standards

All modifications undertaken are to the strict guidelines of the relevant Australian design rules (ADRS).These include the occupant restraint systems which are crash tested to AS2942-1994 as well as beaming tests and torsional stiffness tests.

Loading and Unloading / Using the Ramp

Click here for a pictorial display of the loading and unloading method used in our vehicles.

Securing the Wheelchair or Scooter

The wheelchair/scooter is restrained at the front of the chair well by approved safety belt systems attached through one way electrically controlled retraction pulleys.At the rear the chair is restrained by approved removable safety restraints that clip in place to the frame of the chair/scooter.The chair/scooter occupant is restrained with a standard seat belt for travelling.


Customising vehicles With our extensive history and experience in the needs of disabled transport we recognise that you may need some changes made to your vehicle to properly suit your requirements. These may include raising seat heights, adding a winch, adding an additional power take off point for medical needs, additional grab handles etc. These can nearly always be provided. Discuss your requirements with our sales staff and we will do our best to make sure your needs are met.


Many people and organisations are eligible for government assistance to assist with the purchase or lease of these vehicles as it replaces the need for taxi or special vehicle hire costs. Some organisations qualify for exemption from GST. Check with Centrelink /Family services disability section or Mobility services. CRS Australia. Organisations providing support for individuals with certain conditions eg MS,Quadraplegia, Department of Veterans Affairs may also be able to offer assistance and you should approach the individual organisation representing your condition to see if this can be arranged. Rotary Clubs and Variety Clubs are also often in a position to help.

Resale of secondhand vehicles

Specialty vehicles used in the disabled market have a very good resale value usually well in excess of standard passenger cars. To maximise the return on your vehicle if you wish to change it contact our sales office for an idea of it’s value. As we are in contact with many people around Australia seeking a wheelchair accessible vehicle we may be able to assist you to sell it. You can also arrange to have your vehicle displayed on this site. Please contact us. 08 8243 1030


All information regarding our vehicles is kept up to date on this site however if you wish to have a printed brochure sent out to you or a family friend who might need a vehicle or download your selected brochure in Acrobat format directly to your computer please visit our

Placing an Order

To place an order for a vehicle visit our contact us page .

Our Sales department will follow up with a personal call to you as necessary to provide details of delivery times and financing arrangements.

    * International: 618 8243.1030
    * Within Australia: (08) 8243 1030
    * Mobile Telephone: 0418 827 666
    * Free call within Australia: 1800 775333

Vehicle Warranty and Servicing (2yrs UNLIMITED KM CONVERSION WARRANTY)

Flashcab Australia offers an unlimited kilometre taxi warranty on the conversion of 24 months from the date of delivery from the factory. Your vehicle can be taken to your local dealer who can arrange to mechanically repair your vehicle with the minimum of fuss. Vehicle servicing is carried out at your local dealer in the usual way.

*** Flashcab NPW now extended to 2 years ***